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Why should I choose The Marriage Minister?

Lets start off with an easy answer. I'm flexible. There are hundreds of officiants out there and I am one of them. What makes me different is that I listen, not just hear the words coming out of your mouth and nodding like a bobble head, I listen. We embrace all. No matter how you identify yourself we are here to help you navigate this new chapter in your lives. We listen to your ideas of your ceremony. No once should ever dissuade you of your ideas. This is your day not my day. Anyone that tries to shove their ideas of what your ceremony should be, should be quickly eliminated from your list. We deliver old school type ceremonies created around your ideas. No laptops, no cell phones, just printed paper with your ceremony. I stand behind a clear acrylic type book stand, dressed appropriately for your wedding. Whether it's a suit and tie, jeans and a t-shirt if that's how you want me dress that's part of your ceremony. So when you're looking for a celebrant /officiant for your ceremony, please read my reviews on The Knot knot and Wedding Wire also look at the couples that we have united in marriage, older people, young couples, all walks of life, and we also unite same sex couples. For further information please leave a message here on my website or call me at 520-730-4427. Thanks for reading this. We hope this may make your decision a little easier.

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